The school’s program is balanced to include both active and quiet times, and structured and unstructured activities. Group meeting for the 4 year-old classes is followed by an opportunity for free play. The 3 year-old class begins their day with extended free play. During free play children independently choose from dramatic play, creative art materials, water or sand play, play-dough, blocks, gross motor activities, carpentry, painting, cooking, writing center, science activities, or manipulative toys.


Through play and creative activities your child is constantly coming in contact with colors,shapes, number, letters, awareness of the senses, and basic concepts, such as left to right, sizes, comparison, time, etc. The school provides equipmentand physical activities beneficial to the development of gross and fine motor development.


Mid-session the tables are cleaned off and the rooms are picked up with the help of the children. The children and teachers have a nutritious snack (ex. crackers, fruits, vegetables, breads, juice, etc.) together, followed by an opportunity for exploration of library books, music, creative movement, and/or group games. It is at this time the 3 year olds class divides up for two small group meetings. Our day ends with outdoor play, weather permitting.


Optional lunch bunch is offered, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The fee for this is $9.00 per session.  Children may stay Monday for AM class or arrive early Wednesday for PM class.  Sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. Bag lunch provided from home should include a nutritious food and beverage. Students will continue class activities and have lunch with a teacher.




The Playschool strives to provide a happy, safe, free but guided atmosphere where young children can grow and develop to their full potential. Emphasis is placed on the individual social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child.



The school feels it can best fulfill these needs by providing an informal atmosphere where the child feels comfortable and secure and is encouraged and supported by the teachers to:


        ·         make friends

        ·         follow directions

        ·         express feelings

        ·         share ideas, toys, and equipment

        ·         feel liked, wanted, and secure with other children and adults in a group situation

        ·         respect the rights and possessions of others and have his/her rights and possessions respected

        ·         develop and expand his/her curiosity by through science and social studies

        ·         develop his/her creativity through self-expression in art, music, movement, and drama

        ·         join activities, games, and stories designed to increase interest in reading, math, and creative thinking

        ·         gain a feeling of accomplishment and independence

Our goal is to provide an active learning environment which includes:
  • Pre-readiness skills for math, reading and writing 
  • An appreciation of children’s literature 
  • Creative movement and dramatic play 
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Fine and gross motor activities
  • Apple Tree Arts Music Program 
  • Exploring a variety of art mediums 
  • Cooking with Chef Combo
  • Walking Class Trips
  • School Spirit Days such as Pajama Day and Teddy Bear Picnic