Pumpkin Patch: Picking and Decorating 2012



Having some fun at school!

In January, the children had fun staying in their pajamas for "Pajama Day".  Chef combo joined them and helped them make homemade hot chocolate.  The children, guided by a parent volunteer, measured out the cocoa, sugar, milk etc. Each child had the opportunity to measure, pour and stir their own serving. 


"Chef Combo"-makes his monthly appearance to cook with the children in each class 






Student Art Gallery:

 Children are given many opportunities to partake in art activities. They work with many different mediums (ie. water colors, finger paints, cloth, ribbons, buttons, etc) to create their own works of art, or may participate in a more structured activity that relates to a topic they are discussing or learning about in the classroom.





Pajama Day

 Students in the caterpillar playing together before school begins

Storytime with Miss Michelle: The teachers choose books that correlate with topics the students are learning in class




Hot Cocoa Mug Pictures

In keeping with the "hot cocoa" theme on pajama day, children used chocolate colored glue, cocoa and styrafoam peanuts (as marshmallows) to  create their own hot cocoa mug pictures